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Glare grom - black

Glare grom - black

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The Glare grom surf cap has been crafted to keep the next generation of ocean lovers protected and comfortable, so they can spend more time doing what they love, both now and into the future

Full protection: Say goodbye to squinting and sunburnt faces. Our visor is carefully constructed to keep the sun off young faces while maintaining its shape over time.

Customisable: Adjust the chin strap to find the best fit and cap angle.

Flippable: Although it is generally not needed, the brim can be flipped up to provide a more open field of vision.

Floatable: With its floating brim, the Shaded grom cap is a reliable partner, staying afloat should it get tossed away or pulled off.

Foldable: Packing for the family generally involves a lot of stuff! The Shaded grom cap can be squashed down to squeeze into small spaces and doesn't mind some rough treatment. 

Comfortable: We understand that comfort for kids is key. Our cap features an internal headband for a secure yet comfortable fit that stands up to even the most demanding activities.

Size: Our caps are designed to accomodate most pre-teen and teenager heads (from about 9 years and above). To ensure it is going to fit, measure the full circumference of the head it is intended for. You can do this by following the simple instructions on the last image.

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