As a grass roots company fuelled by a community of likeminded and passionate ocean and outdoor lovers, we are always looking for ways to give back. Below are the partnerships we currently offer.

Affiliate program

Become a brand ambassador and get a 20% commission for each sale you generate.

This involves 3 simple steps:

  1. Creating an affiliate account
  2. Entering your payment details so the system can track and pay you directly.
  3. Linking to our website or product pages in your social media posts, website, blog, podcast or newsletters.

It's as simple as that!

Project Support

We love to support interesting and unique outdoor adventures (can be on land too). So if you have a project in mind that requires protection from the elements then reach out to us. And if it sounds like a good fit we will provide caps in return for pics/videos and a cool story.

Become a stockist

We are currently looking for stockists and would love to hear about your ocean or outdoor retail business.

  • Advertising and content

    As Tracks trims past its 50th year it remains the oracle for surfers seeking coalescence between waves, travel, music alternative living, and rebellious fun. We are proud to have our products featured and advertised in this iconic magazine.

  • Surf schools

    We partner with select surf schools, offering discounted caps to keep passionate teachers protected from the elements as they teach and inspire the next generation (setting a good example is so important when most skin damage happens in our early years).

  • Boardrider clubs

    We provide discounts for members of partnered boardrider clubs as well as prizes for end of year presentations. Upon request we can also provide a physical presence so friends and family can touch, feel, test and buy our products (with no shipping costs).