Our Mission

It would be fair to say we are obsessed with creating awesome Surf Caps.

This is because we understand how frustrating it is to have your ocean time reduced due to sun glare and overexposure. We also know how hard it is to find a hat that doesn't get in the way, come off or impact your experience. 

We create versatile caps you can wear all day, use for literally any ocean activity and enjoy both in and out of the water.

Create better solutions

On a surf trip to Lakey Peak a few years back I lost a cap I had bought from a reputable surf brand on pretty much my first wave! I was devastated, partly because I expected more from the brand but mostly because it meant 10 days of shorter sessions, sunburn and raw eyes. I thought to myself, surely it can't be that hard to make a surf cap that actually stays on and does it's job!

So I decided to put 15 years of sportswear design experience (working for brands like Billabong, O'Neill & Salomon) to good use. And I've only just started!

- Roland (Founder)

Reduce skin cancer

I still vividly remember rocking up to school most Mondays so sunburnt I had blisters on my nose. We spent so much time in the water as kids the sunscreen just couldn't keep up!

I religiously wear a cap now, firstly to avoid getting skin cancer but even more importantly to set an example for my children, so they don't have the same irreversible damage that I do.

But the best part is we get to spend loads more time in the water!

- Roland (Founder)