Our Mission

At Cuva, we're dedicated to crafting functional, innovative products that empower you to surf, paddle, kite and foil with unparalleled freedom, protection and longevity.

The spark that ignited Cuva's creation was a personal experience shared by many. The early morning surf sessions, marred by blinding sun glare, led to discomfort and limitations. We understand the frustration of having your valuable surf time compromised by external factors.

The birth of Cuva Concepts originated from a simple cap and an inspired idea. Our founder, a lifelong surfer with fair skin, decided that it was time to put 20 years of sportswear design experience to good use. The quest for better solutions led to the first prototype - a cap that was meticulously modified for optimal performance and protection.

Our dedication to shielding you from the elements is woven into the DNA of every Cuva product. But our commitment extends beyond sun protection and skin health. We're here to enhance your vision, your comfort, and your connection with the ocean.


Surf magazines


As Tracks trims past its 50th year it remains an evolving state of mind, drawing on its eclectic past while reflecting the wonders of the present; always conscious of entertaining its readers as it rides boldly into the surfing future.

We are proud to partner with this iconic Australian surf magazine and advertise our product and story to a like-minded community.

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Surf schools

Newcastle Surf School

Newcastle Surf School is the longest running surf school in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area.

Dan was keen to provide his instructors with some quality protection and at the same time positively influence the next generation of shredders.

Bit of a no brainer really!

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Boardrider clubs

Redhead Boardriders

RBC is a family friendly boardriders club based in Newcastle with a rich history and some amazing surf talent.

We support the club by providing end of year prizes and sponsorship.

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