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Shaded - green

Shaded - green

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The Shaded Surf Cap is a game-changing addition to your water sports arsenal. This exceptional cap is meticulously designed to elevate your experience in the ocean while ensuring you stay fully protected and comfortable.

Full protection: The combination of brim and neck flap means your head is about as protected as it can get. The brim helps shade your face while the neck flap serves as extra coverage, safeguarding your neck from the sun's harmful rays. It's an excellent choice for those who prioritise sun safety during their travels or ocean adventures.

Customisable: Adjust the chin strap to find the best fit and cap angle for you. In the morning you may want to have the brim lower to block the sun from your eyes for example.

Flippable: Although it is generally not needed, the brim can be flipped up to provide a more open field of vision.

Floatable: Never fear losing your cap to the depths again. With its floating brim, the Shaded Cap is your reliable partner, staying afloat should it uncharacteristically get pulled off (yes, we all know it happens!)

Casual: Stow the strap after a session and wear it as a casual cap. This can be really handy when travelling and minimising the gear you are carrying, or just when you forget to bring an extra hat.

Foldable: Designed for the modern traveller, the Shaded cap is engineered to squeeze into small spaces and then jump back into shape when called upon. Whether you're packing it in a boardbag, backpack, or even a pocket, having a cap that can adapt to different storage needs is really convenient.

Comfortable: We understand that comfort is key. Our hat features an internal headband for a secure yet comfortable fit that stands up to even the most demanding activities.

Size: Our caps are designed to accomodate most adult heads. To ensure it is going to fit, measure the full circumference of the head it is intended for. You can do this by following the simple instructions on the last image.

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